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1) Who can submit?

    Any one can submit a site.  We only allow Dental Clinics or Dental Related specialty websites to be submitted.

   If you know a Dentist or Dental Clinic - you are welcome to suggest and we review the submission and approve it.

2) How to Suggest a Dental Clinic?

    First drill down to the state and City and on the top menu Click on "Suggest Listing"

   Just fill the info requested.. and fill the "Captcha"  and click "Suggest Listing" at the bottom and you are done.

    (if you don't see the city, please suggest at the Dental Clinic at the State Level and we move to the Listing after creating the city category)

3) Do I need to pay?

    If you are suggesting your Dentists office - No payment is required if you select "Free Regular Listing"

    If you work for a Dental clinic and like to help us run the site, you are welcome to upgrade to "Sponsored Listing" and pay the suggested amount..

    Paid listing are reviewed in 24 hours in most cases.. and free listings are reviewed at our convenience.

4) How can I help your site?

    If you like our site and like to help..

   Make sure your dentist is on our Directory.. If not pleaes add them or ask them to add their information.

   If you run a website, please add us to your resources section..